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Dancing on a Saturday Night?

We provide;




The dancers provide the atmosphere and the fun of the evening. Social groups, couples and singles alike are all welcome at the dance.

Non-stop Ballroom and Latin with Modern Jive, Rock & Roll and Salsa. No Sequence.

In the modern age it is as acceptable for a lady to ask a man to dance as is the reverse. However, please remember not to keep asking the same person unless you are going home with them afterwards!

Beginners (new social dancers) are always welcome at both venues but the Reigate one is the best to start with. There can even be help on hand for those who might need a ‘bump start’ or just a little help to remember what teacher said in the lesson. You will need to ask, you won’t be pounced on.

Whilst new dancers may view more able dancers as gods, they all started the same as you and if they are as good as you think they are their job is to navigate around you, not the other way round. However do stick to the basic dance floor etiquette of going in the right direction and staying near the edge.

the venue

the music

the subdued lighting

and the floor.